NCL Outlines New Cruising Protocols

Norwegian Cruise Lines isn’t estimating operations to begin shortly, with insurance rates on their lineup of vessels increasing exponentially. It requires NCL and other cruise operators to implement functional conditions, demanding that passengers wear masks when engaging with any public location on the ship. Applying these conditions would prompt an immediate decrease in booked vacations, with those that do most likely to break protocols. It’d create a logistical nightmare that would decrease profits more than remaining docked until the pandemic is over.

It’ll be impossible for Cruise Liners to guarantee passenger safety until a vaccine is distributed worldwide. The associated challenges with ensuring all visitors are obeying protocols are impossible but won’t stop operators like Carnival, Disney, and Royal Caribbean. Operators claim that those selecting to venture with these vessels will retain the essential elements of cruising. That’d mean travelling to exotic locations, having the best meals possible, and enjoying luxurious facilities on board.

This is ultimately a lie, with most exotic locations closing their borders to cruise ships for the foreseeable future. High-Quality Cuisine will be challenging to provide, with multiple food production facilities having COVID-19 outbreaks worldwide. Cruise operators like Royal Caribbean will be hard-pressed to locate exotic cuisine. The final lie applied to their onboard facilities, with multiple entertainment properties cancelled on these vessels. That include the Movie Theatre, Public Pools, Nightclubs, Bars, and Playhouse. Necessarily those foolish enough to traverse the ocean on a cruise ship during COVID-19 will find themselves immensely bored.

The overhaul of health precautions for these cruise operators will be logistically harder than returning to business. It’s rumoured that substantial fines will be permitted onto cruise liners that have COVID-19 outbreaks. Cruise lines will avoid paying these fines by demanding that passengers sign waivers, which state that under the unexpected condition that an outbreak occurs, operators aren’t viable and cannot be sued. Those travelling on these vessels are possibly signing away their lives without any repercussions.

Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Disney Cruises have all confirmed they’ll be operational by August 1st. Norwegian Cruise Lines is the single operator postponing their reopening until the pandemic has genuinely begun reversing itself.