Incredible Sailing Locations in Indonesia

Bali is a magnificent holiday destination, and no one can deny it. However, with more than 18,000 islands, there are loads of other mind-blowing places to explore while visiting Indonesia, providing authentic cultural encounters and unspoiled island scenery. Indonesia is also known for adventure cruises and liveaboard with places like Raja Ampat and Komodo which is best explored while using a boat, offering travellers the perfect opportunity to seek out the most remote islands for snorkelling and scuba diving.

However, planning a cruise in Indonesia requires a fair amount of forward planning. Most of the local operators don’t have a site, and besides word of mouth, there’s no other way you can find out who exactly to trust. Although you can book your vacation onsite, you could be waiting for several days to get a boat if you plan to go off the beaten track. Thankfully, companies such as have managed to solve this. It’s considered the first seafaring platform which collects more than 900 trusted local operators and allows travellers to book with them at 0% commission.

Indonesia is one of the best destinations on the seafaring platform, with more than 160 yacht adventures and charters available. Below, you will find the top cruise adventures in Indonesia that you can book with on your next vacation.

Surf the Moluccas

Surf enthusiasts will undoubtedly have the Moluccas on their to-do list. The islands situated between Sulawesi and West Papua are renowned for their reliable winds and perfect beaches, offering incredible swells in the process. A surf cruise is the best way to enjoy the gorgeous breaks, and with your own charter, you can chase the best surf conditions and winds.

Kite Safari Between Gili and Lombok

There’s more to Indonesia than surfing a few incredible waves. The reliable winds also make it the perfect destination for kite surfers. Australian winds reach the Gili/Lombok area during winter in Australia which makes it the best region to visit if you consider yourself a kiteboarder. The kite safari will take you to some of the best islands on Gili, not just the Gili T and Gili Air, but also a few hidden treasures such as the Gili Nanggu, Renggit, and Layar.

Wakatobi and Dive Alor

Diving is undoubtedly the most popular activity which you can combine with your Indonesian cruise. There’s no denying that Indonesia is one of the best destinations when it comes to scuba diving. Alor is certainly one of them, renowned for having the highest concentration of anemone in the world. Nowboat provides a liveaboard adventure which travels from Wakatobi all the way to Alor with incredible underwater seascapes and loads of hiking opportunities.

Jurassic Cruise in Komodo

There are tons of reasons to fall in love with Komodo. The amazing Pink Beach, the stunning Komodo National Park, the untouched swimming sports, and the hidden beaches throughout the area. And let’s not forget the diving. The Jurassic cruise is 5 days long on a wooden boat and is filled with loads of scenery and activities that is sure to leave a lasting impression.