Holiday Gift Guide for Sailors

It’s challenging to locate the perfect gift for a friend or family member that partakes in sailing. The hobby is expensive and versatile, giving those with the right budget plenty of options to purchase. However, the options we have provided in this review are more for balanced, budgeted individuals. These are the perfect gifts you can acquire for family members or friends without breaking the bank.

The Holiday Gifts:

Below are short-form product reviews on the top five gifts on the market in 2019. Any sailor will be thrilled with the items mentioned.

  • Gill Junior OS3 Jacket and Trousers – One of the essential elements of a sailor’s gear is their jacket and Trousers. The Gill’s OS3 Jacket/Trousers Combination enables for young or adult crew members to stay untouched by the elements of the sea or lake. It offers windproof and waterproof features, with a thermal collar and high-visibility pockets/cuffs. This is the perfect jacket for any vessel and sailor.
  • GSI Gourmet Pour-Over Coffee Set – Keeping up with your local body of water or the ocean can require the occasional boost of energy. That’s where the GSI Gourmet Pour-Over Coffee Set comes in handy. It’s designed specifically for sailors to bring in a small carryon bag. It provides a coffee grinder, reusable filter, and pour-over design. It’s perfect for the weekend charter.
  • ACR ResQLink – Those willing to increase the influx of their budget should consider the ACR ResQLink View Personal Locator Beacon. This is meant for travelling sailors with adventurous attitudes. The product maintains an on-screen display, which showcases the beacon’s operational activities. This extends to the Operating Instructions, GPS Coordinates, Transmission Bursts, Usage Tips, and Battery Power. The ResQLink is nearly the perfect SOS device.
  • Easy Eddy Paddle Boards – Family members or friends wanting more action in their sailing adventures would be perfect for the Easy Eddy Paddle Board. This recycled-plastic product is built into three-pieces and weighs 37 pounds. It’s virtually indestructible and gives guests something exciting to do when anchored.
  • Pretty Rugged Blanket – Every sailor will occasionally feel the brisk temperatures of open waters. This is where the Pretty Rugged Blanket comes into effect. Not only is the material soft, but it also is created for outdoor usage with faux fur on the inside. The outside material is waterproof and windproof, giving the perfect defence for sailors on a cold evening.