Go Kitesurfing on Non-Sailing Days

While Maluku has become popular for the sailing rally every year and attracting thousands, the islands have also become a great choice for other forms of water and wind sports. Since it’s now known to provide some strong and steady winds, many kite surfers from around the world have made trips to Maluku in hopes of discovering a windy haven where they can enjoy the beauty available within Indonesia.

Kitesurfing is a relatively new sport that combines surfing or wakeboarding with flying kites. The first thing you’ll notice about the sport is the kite sizes used and the fact that they are inflated to provide a better experience and of course stop the kite from sinking if it happens to land it the water.

There’s a lot to love about the new sport, especially for those who are already involved with sports around wind and water. Not only would you understanding be better of how it’s done, but if you’ve sailed in Maluku, you’d also know some of the best spots and where the wind is at it’s best.

What Do I Need for Kitesurfing

Luckily, there are many players in Indonesia that provides everything you need should you already be in Maluku. If you’re not, a simple search on Google is sure to provide a kite surfing place near you as the sport has become incredibly popular worldwide.

To get started, you’d need to rent/purchase a kite of between 10 and 15 meters, depending on your weight along with a bar and lines, harness and a kitesurfing board. It’s also worth looking into safety gear to protect you during the beginning stages, which could be difficult while you try to find your balance between the power of the kite and resisting it with the board.

Visiting a kite shop or going for lessons would be a great advantage as professionals would tell you exactly what you need and also provide more info about the sport. Lessons are available just about anywhere, including a few places within Maluku, making it the person option to get into the sport for the first time when you’re there. If it’s something that grabs your attention, you can always rent the gear or purchase a kit of your own.

Why Kite Surfing is a Great Sailing Addition

As a sailor (especially racers), you’ll know the conditions aren’t always perfect, or the crew might not be up for it on the specific day. On those days, getting out the kite kit and spending around 10 minutes setting up is all you need to get out on the water and take advantage of the winds.
Kitesurfing isn’t as intense as sailing, but some like to push towards new limits when it comes to jumping heights, speeds and ability to handle the kits for new tricks. Since you’d already have the sailing side of things down, kiting would be an easy addition to keep you busy while still getting out on the water.