German Cruise Ship Told to Leave Australia

Australian Authorities are demanding that a German Cruise Ship leave their water immediately. This follows after concerns regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic, with Australian hospitals already being overwhelmed with the number of cases. This announcement was confirmed after the Western Australia State Government told MS Artania to depart the Fremantle Port. Captains of this vessel were informed that the Federal Border Patrol would resolve this issue upon a standoff.

This follows after MS Artania already refused to leave the Fremantle Port on March 18th. Captains of this Cruise Ships wanted to determine who else was infected before departing. Australian Authorities have determined that fourteen days exceeds that period. It should be noted that citizens from multiple nations are located upon the MS Artania, including Americans and Canadians.

The West Australia Premier provided a public statement on this demanded departure. Mark McGowan noted that if MS Artania staff have to clear the vessel, do it immediately and depart within 24 Hours. The Premier told the Australian Border Forces to assist the ship on leaving Fremantle Port if required. It should be noted that passengers from other nations with provided last-minute flights from Australia to their respective countries. Twelve passengers are remaining on board, with 450 Crew Members as well. Mark McGowan and other members in the Australian Government don’t see any reason for this vessel to stay docked.

The Standoff

Australian Authorities confirmed that the remaining twelve passengers would be permitted a flight home late on April 1st. MS Artania Captains haven’t responded to the demand, indicating that the standoff will continue and require the involvement of Australian Border Forces. The German Government hasn’t allowed for any cruise ships to return home, leaving multiple vessels to remain in standoffs. Refusal to leave these waters after the ABF engages with the MS Artania will prompt the immediate takeover of this vessel. That could lead to diminishing relationships between the Australian and German governments. However, both nations are known for being stubborn and using force to get results.

It’s disgraceful that MS Artania hasn’t left Fremantle Port. The Australian Government has assisted them in everywhere possible. Passengers were provided medical assistance by Australia doctors, with this including On-Board Medical Assistance and transfers to local hospitals. This extended towards Crew Members as well.