Exploring the Harbour of Macau

Both Macau and Hong Kong, registered yachts are permitted to set sail in Pearl River Delta. At the moment, Guangdong is not at ease with the arrangement that allows all registered boats to sail in the Pearl River Delta. The marines and open waters on the mainland could encourage smugglers to take massive advantage of the easy travel pass. The authorities first studied the cross-border sailing scheme and then once it was found feasible continued with the plan.

Yachting in Honk Kong and Macau

Although nothing much has happened as the regulations had first to be drawn up by the Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration, it would allow Macau and Hong Kong yachts and boats to access the marines and waters. Should the whole idea realise, it would a significant step towards the promotion of the area? Although a few finer details still need discussing, which is the main reason for the delay.

30% Increase Yearly

Mingyao, the bureau propaganda officer shared that a few rule details still need to be confirmed and that companies have sold well over one billion yuan of yachts to clients in the past year. Once the new ruling takes place, this will increase by around 30%. At the end of 2013, the yachting industry was worth 4.15 billion yuan, and it is growing at a rapid pace ever since.

Hong Kong Boat Killed Swimmer at Shenzhen Dameisha

The new rules were planned since 2015, although several incidents seem to keep it at bay, in January 2016 a swimmer did just off the beach in Shenzhen’s Dameisha beach. The boat that killed this swimmer was registered in Hong Kong and at the time was sailing illegally in the area.

Six Day Cruise of Hong Kong and Macau

Due to the legislation, several amazing tours are now available to discover Macau, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Guided tours include six nights on four-star ships, as well as travel by train and visiting the Zhenhai Tower. Dinner is served on the Pearl River and an evening at the Lan Kwai Fon’s nightclub could be part of the cruise. Tourist enjoys learning more regarding the fascinating culture and history of Macau.

Macau Casinos

Ter is way more than 50 casinos in Macau, and some of the bigger ones are The Wynn, which is where no one other than James Bond visited the Skyfall. If you want a pool party, the best is Studio City. The river can slowly take you past the exact scenery where Indiana Jones had close encounters with alligators and monkeys.

The City of Dreams Casino offers over 280 fountains, and there are over one hundred performers. The Lisboa is where great food is always on the menu, and the best restaurant is on the 43rd floor to ensure you have a fantastic view. The menu offers everything from river shrimp dumplings to cream laden souffles, fillet to wagyu beef so if it is swinging chandeliers mingled with a light, look no further.