Different Types of Boats

A boat is essentially a small vessel that is specifically designed to navigate in inland waterways or near-shore areas. Although there’s an extremely thin line between a boat and a ship, there are several differences setting them apart.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the different types of boats used across the globe. Boats can technically be classified into three primary sections, including man-powered or unpowered, motorboats, or sailboats. Below, you will find several boats that fall into one of these three sections.

Fishing Boats

As the name implies, these boats are designed for fishing activities. They are used on both freshwater and salt bodies, and the qualities include durability, strength, and stability to survive the ventures across several types of waterways successfully. Fishing boats also include various features, such as a trolling motor system, rod lockers, front bow, live wells, and outboard power.

Bass Boats

These boats are constructed with slim profiles, consisting of 2 or 3 anglers, and are primarily used for fishing. They are often built with aluminium and come equipped with up to 150 horsepower, while the length can vary from 16 feet up to 18 feet. The features on bass boats include electric trolling motors and live wells.

Bowrider Boats

The bow area of bowrider boats are designed in a unique way to ensure a spacious seating arrangement. They also contain a specific platform for swimming activities, such as using a wakeboard. They are typically propelled by stern drive power, but you will also find a wide range of bowrider boats that utilise outboard engines.

Catamaran Boats

The sailing or power style catamarans utilise several hulls and are ideal for leisurely cruising or for fishing purposes. A boat that comes equipped with three hulls is also known as a trimaran boat.

Cuddy Cabin Boats

These types of boats are perfectly suited for sailing, yachting, fishing, or other sports in the water. A closed deck positioned over the bow of this boat provides loads of storage space and easy navigation. They are often built with aluminium or fibreglass and is usually 4.75 meters in length.

Centre Console Boats

These types of boats are perfect for sports fishing and perform extremely well in harsh offshore conditions where there’s loads of ocean fish. The equipment found on a Centre Console boat include outriggers, fish lockers, gunwale rod holders, and bait wells to mention but a few.

Dinghy Boats

These are essentially small inflatable boats that are often made from rubber and come equipped with rowlocks and cross thwarts that act as oars and seats, respectively. They are also referred to as inflatables, rowboats, or sailboats. They are ideal for vessels that are unable to navigate in smaller areas and can be used for fishing in shallow waters.


These types of boats provide the luxury of living on the water and are ideal for holiday and recreational accommodation facilities. These boats come equipped with modern amenities and broad flooring and provide outstanding sleeping arrangements, entertainment, and fine dining.