Cruise Ship Workforces Left to Die

Safe havens amongst the cruise ship industry have been depleted. Continued crisis after crisis is being reported on these vessels, with the novel coronavirus destroying the lives of thousands in the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Extremes of this nature follow after reports indicate that 100+ thousand crewmembers worldwide are still trapped on their vessels. It’s known that infection numbers are growing, with workforces revealing realistic valuations through social media.

The Guardian Newspaper completed an extensive investigation onto these leaked infections, showing that all ships being reported by workforces to have been banned from Ports or Helicopters. These bans wouldn’t be possible unless these leaked infection reports were accurate. It’s prompted the Guardian to question why the International Marine Organization is reporting 50 Infections across hundreds of ships unable to dock.

Surviving the conditions of a cruise ship is challenging. These crewmembers live in small cabins that are breeding grounds for infection. Entire corridors with these cabins have been quarantined off because COVID-19 is tearing through the crewmembers. These quarantines have prompted a large number of marooned vessels floating off various ports worldwide.

Large percentages of these vessels have terminated communication with land, making it impossible for these crewmembers to speak with family or receive updated news regularly. When these communication barriers are avoided through specialized VPNs, employees have been terminated and removed from the vessel to deadlier hotspots. It’s these stories that will see the cruise ship industry lose billions long after the coronavirus is over. Employees with these vessels have notified reporters with the Guardian that they’re unable to traverse their quarters any longer, confined to the 10×10 space continuously. It’s prompting situations that no human being could undertake for prolonged periods.

Lying Statements

When questioned by various news outlets on this leaked information, PR Representatives with companies like Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruises expressed that they’re providing all crewmembers free lodging. They claim that all employees have been gifted a personal guest cabin for individual usage, with menus being upgrades and complimentary internet offered 24/7. These claims are far from what’s reported with workforces, with these PR Reps trying to reverse any public concerns.