Cruise Liners Shut Down Global Operations

Eighteen ships with Princess Cruise Lines will be terminating global operations for eight weeks. This follows after two of their vessels were found carrying the coronavirus, with it quickly spreading throughout the ships and creating an immediate lockdown. Princess Cruise Lines was forced to implement this decision after one of their main competitors, Viking Voyages, announced that operations for being suspended until May 1st. Virgin Voyages quickly followed with that strategy, confirming that their inaugural setting of sail won’t occur until August 7th. It should be said that the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus had become an international pandemic.

All elements of the travel industry have felt the impacts of the coronavirus, with none more so than cruise lines. There’s been an immediate 90% decline in bookings for these cruise operators, with health authorities urging the public not to attend vacations with extensive mass gatherings. Since cruise ships often support 2500+ thousand individuals, it’s reasonable to understand how valuations have immediately dropped.

Details on Confirmed Cases

Princess Cruise Lines have spent the last several days have the “Grand Princess” docked in an Oakland shipyard. Two members of the crew and nineteen passengers have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. An additional two passengers on the “Diamond Princess” prompted an immediate docking in Japan in February.

Both passengers passed away from this virus, with the several hundred other individuals on-board testing positive for COVID-19. Cruise liners globally have been forced to cancel their operations following the immediate decline of bookings. It’d cost more to run these cruise ships then to dock them. Considering that some medical experts anticipate that COVID-19 won’t be defeated until the summer, these cruise lines will lose millions in profit.

It should be mentioned that executive members within the cruise-liner industry engaged with Mike Pence last week. The Vice President and these individuals discussed contingency plans that would ensure the safety of passengers. After the initial suspension period of operations, these vessels will be required to implement screening protocols. It’ll ensure that anybody entering these vessels won’t have the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. It should be mentioned that notable tourist destinations like Rome, Macau, Venice, Shanghai and Milan have seen a 100% decline in bookings. It’s prompted for their most significant locations to become ghost towns.