Cruise Industry Begins Lobbying to Lift Restrictions

An emergency teleconference was managed by the Cruise Lines International Association over the weekend. Considered the most prominent regulator of cruising, the CLIA requested assistance from largescale operators to implement lobbyist strategies. CLIA Media Personnel didn’t provide details on which brands were contacted. It’s safe to assume that Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Princess Cruises would’ve attended this teleconference.

The Cruise Lines International Association is aware that governments won’t disband travel restrictions against notable brands like Royal Caribbean. It’s prompted their initial focus with lobbying towards “River Cruises”, allowing for the CLIA to test lobbying strategies without damaging their primary sector. Lobbying for river cruises will maintain the goal of becoming exempt from “Foreign & Commonwealth Office Guidances”.

CLIA Media Personnel stated that river cruises are manageable, representing hotels more than largescale boats like “Harmony of the Seas” from Royal Caribbean. This means that standard disinfecting methods maintained throughout hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic can be implored with river cruises.

Money Above Safety

Lobbying with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Guidances initially proved challenging. The FCO updated their measures on July 9th, advising travellers not to book with any variation of cruising. This same office permitted hotels to resume operations for standard civilians in the United Kingdom though, extending towards the European Union. When argued that an exceptional level of elderly civilians will engage with the resumption of hospitality services, the FCO denied all evidence & initially refused to update their Guidances. Inside sources now indicate that mentalities in the FCO have altered & river cruising could be deemed safe under lobbying standards.

This essentially means that the Cruise Lines International Association will payout a hidden fee to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. These funds will provide the river cruise industry passage to resume operations. It shows that the FCO is unconcerned with civilian safety & more concerned on the benefits garnered through their power. When BBC Reporters questioned the FCO & CLIA on their teleconference, neither party opted to provide details on what was said. The UK Centre for Disease Control is requesting that civilians don’t engage with river cruises under the condition of their public enjoyment.