Challenging Conditions Greet Youth Championship in Australia

Yet again, the Australians take to the waters to discover who the best sailor is among the youth and who would represent the country at the World Youth Championships for 2019. While this is the final step, the sailors certainly didn’t have it easy as rough conditions greet them. Not only were the winds all over the place, it has been one of the hottest seasons, giving our sailors a much harder task at hand.

The first day of the racers was the worst, offering hot conditions with winds presenting anything from circling and then suddenly dropping to having nothing at all. However, those who had a little more experience and showed a bit more patients were the ones who made it out first.

As per usual, we saw some of the familiar faces tackle the task at hand the best, including Zac Littlewood, the Reigning World Laser Champ. He managed to impressive results with both races for the day, getting two bullets and then managing to open for two races as well. What’s even more impressive is that the west Australian sailor managed to stay ahead of Frazer Brew and Otto Henry from New South Wales.

Bic Techno 293

The events of the day were certainly entertaining, irrespective of the challenging conditions. The boats getting into shore were looking good, and the sailors managed some impressive results to add as well. Of course, the Bic Techno 293s arrived on the short first, giving spectators some entertainment as leaders Kai Marns Morris and Ben Waters were battling it out for the lead. On each of the two races, both of them managed impressive results, each gaining a first and third position for the day.

Bic Techno Plus

The Bic Techno Plus series presented one leader who managed to create quite the distance between himself and the rest of the sailors. Hamish Swain is a well-known sailor from Queensland and forms part of the well-known Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron as well as the Whitsunday Sailing Club. He will be the representative for the representative for the class in the world series, and since he managed such impressive results, we’re sure to see some incredible leads in the world series as well.


The 29ers was certainly a race to watch as the wind conditions only allows the best to shine through. In fact, some of the boats even ended up capsizing, but there were three teams who managed to get through it all and take the lead.

It ended with the Middle Harbour Yacht Club supplying the race with 2 of the best, including Flynn Twomey and Lachy Brewer who managed to claim the first position for the day. The New Zealand team that includes William Shapland and Campbell Stanton were right behind in second, and the podium was complete with Archie Cropley and Max Paul who claimed third.