CDCs No-Sail Order is Revoked

The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention announced that the “No-Sail Order” had been eliminated. Cruise ships are permitted to resume operations in ports across the United States, abiding that operators have met a series of protocols. The CDC is enforcing protocols that cruise ships must adhere or face financial punishments that could bankrupt an operator during the Covid era.

Announcing that the No-Sail Order had been terminated was met with another confirmation. The Centre of Disease Control issued the “Framework Order for Conditional Sailing of Cruise Ships”. This order is becoming effective on November 1st, but ships aren’t expected to resume sailing for two weeks to one month. That’s because of the framework order, with its protocols requiring infrastructure investment from all operators wanting to sustain cruises in US ports.

The No-Sail Order has been discussed numerous times since arriving in March 2020 on our site. It was expected weeks ago that the Centre of Disease Control would evoke another extension on order, requiring operators to wait until November 1st. Vessels operating at capacities of 250+ passengers can begin the necessary process to receive CDC-Approval.

The Requirements

Health experts under CDC employment have implemented “Phases” to the Framework Order. The 1st Phase focuses on crewmembers, not passengers. Crewmembers are permitted to leave vessels & traverse local regions like Fort Lauderdale or Port of Houston. However, cruise operators must develop testing laboratories in their ships. Crewmembers leaving the disembarking the vessel must receive an immediate PCR Covid Test and wait anywhere from one to three hours for their positive or negative reading.

Cruise operators are also required to dedicate specific regions of each ship for quarantine, which will house passengers & crewmembers infected with the coronavirus. Isolation requirements will sustain the remainder of that vacation & not be permitted to leave until wearing a decontamination suit, ensuring transmission is eliminated to their next hotel. Another remaining several to ten days will be required for isolation in that quarantine-based hotel, with cruise operators sustaining the housing cost.

The Centre for Disease Control is guarantying that their system works by maintaining “Mock Voyages”. CDC Volunteers will assess virus mitigation, transmission, and outbreak scenarios on each vessel applying to resumed sailing.