CDC Warns Against Cruising Until Summer

Travellers throughout the United States of America have been warned not to engage with their planned trips on cruise ships. This warning comes from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, with multiple companies confirming they’ll terminate operations for thirty-days following this announcement. Delayed vacations on cruise liners are slated to occur until May, under the conditional recommendations of the CDC. It should be mentioned that this warning extends to River-based Cruises, which is primarily a vacation for senior citizens. Coronavirus outbreaks could be rampant on these vessels, prompting the CDC to implement temporary legislation under the approvement of the government.

These recommendations follow after Princess Cruise Lines quarantined multiple people last month on the “Diamond Princess”, with the most notable being in Japan. Several hundred passengers became infected with the coronavirus, which extended to forty-six American Citizens. Eight individuals on this vessel passed away. When it applies to the “Grand Princess”, there were more limited cases at twenty-eight. The ship was docked until last week in California.

Confirmed Cancellations

Additional cancellations of operation have been confirmed by Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean and the Celebrity Cruise Line. None of the vessels operating under these brands is permitted to enter US Ports for thirty-days. This was confirmed after significant conversations with government officials, which were held between the Cruise Line International Association.

Similar public safety protocols were implemented by Viking Cruise Lines, who suspended their operational activity for sixty-days. This is similar to the Princess Cruise Lines, with these respective vessels experiencing some of the worst outbreaks of this pandemic. Disney Cruise Line also terminated their planned vacations for consumers, with this extending to their theme parks. Disney also has postponed its recent films and sent their employees home. It’s suspected that the Disney Company is losing upwards of $400 million weekly during this pandemic.

All cruise liners that are currently at sea have been told to return home for their final destinations. The Norwegian Pearl, Carnival Fantasy and Oasis of the Seas are still running their last vacations in the pacific ocean. They’ll be returning by March 21st and then be docked at various ports across America. Immediate sanitation efforts will ensue.