CDC Sets New Warnings for Cruise Ships

Warnings have been issued to Americans by the “United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention” for sailing. It’s been advised that anyone wanting to travel on cruise ships should avoid that method of vacationing. This follows after new classifications were given to these vessels, with Level Four being initiated for November & December. Level Four notes that tourists are highly susceptible to catching Covid-19.

Warnings aren’t exclusively for America’s coastal waters, with International & River cruises also having a Level Four classification. It should be noted that warnings aren’t law, and civilians are still permitted to travel on cruises after the CDCs No-Sail Order was lifted in November. It marked the end to an eight-month suspension on operations for brands like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and NCL.

CDC officials issued an updated framework for travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic. The “Framework for Conditional Sailing Order” was announced earlier in November, which outlined various steps that operators are required to follow. Refusing to now abide by the FCSO would eliminate any opportunity for approval to operate. Simulated voyages have been developed by Royal Caribbean, Carnival, NCL, and multiple other brands to receive immediate approval. Framework requirements would include the daily testing of passengers & crewmembers.

Voyages in the United States haven’t been sustained to date, with operators still strategizing which ports best suit their needs during Covid-19. Mediterranean cruises have been sustained & Caribbean itineraries remain cancelled for the foreseeable future. Royal Caribbean is the exclusive operator that’s confirmed they’ll not sail until 2021, which has been praised by healthcare officials worldwide.

Outbreaks Inevitable

The first trip sustained in the Mediterranean was the SeaDream Yacht One, which saw an immediate rise in Covid-19 cases. It didn’t matter that pre-boarding testing policies had been initiated & all recommendations from the Centre of Disease Control were followed. It’s led healthcare officials to believe that regardless of enforced measures, outbreaks of coronavirus will be sustained. Since sustaining an outbreak on the SeaDream Yacht One, all subsequent cruises like SeaDream has been cancelled for 2020. Tourists shouldn’t anticipate cruising to become safe until vaccination is released for Covid-19 in 2021.