Carnival Cruise Line Implements Dress Code

Carnival Cruise Lines announced that they’re altering the required dress code accepted on their vessels. This comes after decades of Carnival being known for partying, excessive drinking and potential nudity. However, the corporation has been focusing its efforts on creating a new image amongst travellers. No longer will guests see T-Shirts with profanity or women displaying themselves in provocative manners around children. Those purchasing a ticket with Carnival are prompted to read the updated terms, which demand that attire must be adhered to by all guests.

Carnival detailed what is allowed and what isn’t moving forward. Clothing that contains sexual innuendo or suggestions is forbidden. This extends to any attire that prompts partial or full nudity, which applies more to females than males. Carnival expressed that clothing or accessories that prompt racial commentary, violence or hatred will be immediately banned. Spokesman and PR Representatives for Carnival Cruise Lines clarified that multiple travel sectors had complained of clothing that detailed threatening messages to locals. Those complaints extended to nudity on unsanctioned beaches and illegal fights in shopping centres.

Vance Gulliksen, the PR Manager for the company, provided a detailed assessment regarding the upcoming changes. He noted that Carnival had updated their guidelines and terms and as such, implemented a basic clothing policy. The company is focusing on a family-rebranding and doesn’t want inebriated individuals tarnishing their image. Vance clarified that those committing illegal behaviours on the islands will now be handed over to local authorities and individuals creating an unfriendly environment for guests will be removed from the vessel. These guidelines follow similar rules of engagement maintained by Royal Caribbean. Vance finished his public remarks by noting that they’re following the same accepted policies with every other form of travel with the hope that by doing so, they will create an environment free of unwarranted behaviour.

Policy Enforcement

The policies engaged by Carnival Cruise Lines do permit a warning system, where Vance revealed that guests breaking these rules will be asked for a change immediately. Refusal will then prompt the situation to escalate, where Carnival will evaluate the potential solutions for this un-abiding guest. It should be noted that every cruise liner operated has a small-scale prison for unruly consumers. Vance Gulliksen changed his statement two days after his original comments to the public.

It should be noted that there weren’t any alterations to the guidelines and policies regarding Dining Room Attire. Individuals must permit themselves with high-grade clothing for specialized restaurants. Excluded from these restaurants include Sleeveless Shirts, Sportswear, Flip Flops, Jeans, Baseball Hats, T-Shirts and Bathing Suits. Every cruise liner worldwide maintains a dining room attire policy.