Best Way to Warm Up and Avoid Injury Before Sailing

Since sailing is such as demanding sport, you’ll need to ensure you muscles are warmed up properly and that you’re well starched out before hitting the waters. Even if you’re just going for a peaceful sail, it’s still worth going the warm ups as things can become rather demanding really fast. Of course, if you’re racing, you’ll need to ensure each aspect of your workout is done correctly, not only does it help avoid injury, but also ensures you’re performing at your peak.

The workouts below are simply guidelines to help you figure out what’s required. These are great to start with and will provide the fundamentals of avoiding injuries when you can afford it least. Get used to doing these before you hit the waters and you’re sure to have the best experience each time while avoiding long recoveries.

The following workouts require 2 sets of 10 reps, which won’t take you long at all or tire you out before getting on the boat.

Shoulder Shrugs

Shoulder shrugs are great to loosen up the upper body and allow your shoulders to move quickly and easily without pulling the muscles. They also provide great movability for your upper back, offering the best performance when you need to use a little force.

To do these, stand up straight with your arms relaxed by your side. From your natural standing position, lift your shoulders up as high as you can and relax again. Repeat the movement 10 times, give yourself a 30 second break and do another 10. Try not to do them too fast as the best results come from slow and precise movements.

Arm Circles

With your shoulders loosened up from the shrugs, move onto arm circles to get them all the way lose while also stretching your arms as well.

To do these is really easy as you’ll simply swing both your arms in a circular style from their relaxed position. It’s best to do 10 clockwise and another 10 anti-clockwise as it works on different muscles. Once again, don’t rush through it as you can easily pull a muscle by going too fast.

Back Slaps

The final upper body warm-up is called back slaps, which ensures your chest, shoulders, back and arms are loosened up well and warm.

This is yet another easy one as you’ll hold up your arms out to each side and simply bring them in quite fast to the wrap around and the tips of your fingers “slap” your back. These are almost like giving yourself a hug. Do 10 of them, have a short break and do another 10.

Torso Rotations and Squats

The last 2 exercises are great to loosen up your lower back and legs. It starts with rotations, which begin with your arms stretched out to the sides and you slowly begin to twist your body from side to side. Start slow and move up to a comfortable phase and pushing yourself a little further each time.

Finally, 10 squats in a row times 2 would get your leg muscles all warmed up and ready for action. Do these by stepping forward and dropping your knee as far as you can, come back up and do the other side for 1 rep.