Best Sailing Spots for Newbies

When going on your first sailing adventure it can be daunting and you might have questions regarding where is the safest routes, the best weather and harbours which are properly equipped, while still in search for great scenery too. Therefore we bring you five sailing destinations which will bring you comfort and fun, being the perfect place to bridge that fear of going on your first trip.


The Adriatic coast has a Mediterranean climate ensuring mild winters and bearable summers. The water is on the shallow side with slower-moving currents. Do stop at the ports of Portoroz and Izola. Izola offers 24-hour security to the 700 boats which can port there while the first modern harbour in Slovenia was Portoroz. When you have gained enough confidence here you can always move on to Trieste which is a mere 5 sea miles away and the perfect place to start exploring the Italian coast.


Often referred to as New Greece, Croatia is magical and authentic and a well-kept secret. Expect moderate temperatures, constant sunshine and the breath of gentle northern winds in your sails. Plan your visit during May and September and experience the best that Croatia has to offer. The coast has plenty of opportunities to explore remote islands, coves and quaint fishing villages.


Sailing between April and October in the Aegean Sea will deliver great weather for first-time sailors. Great visibility is another bonus point combined with a nice and long, hot summer. The coastline offers many anchor points and the harbours are delivering great shelter with good infrastructure. The waters in this Mediterranean region are calm. Visit Fethiye with many historical gems including some tombs which are 2 300 years old. This is a sailing experience enriched with great food, magnificent views and interesting cultures.

The British Virgin Islands

The perfect destination to beginner sailors and a must for all. Situated in the northeast of the Caribbean, these islands offer not only idyllic scenery with crystal clear turquoise water but also perfect sailing conditions. The islands are close to each other and the anchoring points are plenty with easy depths. These islands offer the perfect paradise experience with beach bars, white sandy beaches and they are the perfect host to your sailing holiday.


Greece completes any list of brilliant sailing destinations and is surely one of the best options to start any sailing adventure from, regardless of whether you are a newbie or have many sea miles behind you. From April to November you can expect some moderate winds from the Northwest and mild temperatures varying between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius. The shoreline is home to some magnificent beaches like Mykonos, Corfu and Santorini which presents visitors with a buzzing nightlife, luxury resorts and endless beauty.

All of these brilliant destinations offer an excellent combination of perfect weather conditions with great sailing and magnificent views and other amazing shoreline spoils. The perfect place to start your journey as a sailor.