Best Apps for Sailors

Having a set of brilliant apps to help you while sailing has become a must with smartphones. Some of these might not be useful to your specific needs, but there’s sure to be something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

As you can imagine, there’s an app for just about all your sailing needs, including everything from dictionaries that explain the meaning of certain terms right through to tracking apps that tell you how fast you’re sailing and where you went.

The apps are available on both iOS and Android. While some are 100% free, others might require a small fee. However, after extensive research, we found the following apps to be the most useful for those that live life at sea. So, let’s dig in and start downloading!

Shipping Dictionary

Shipping Dictionary is meant for those who work with international companies who ship from one country to the next. It provides a full dictionary of terms and references you might use and hear while at sea. Sure, for racing sailors or those who simply enjoy a Sunday out on the water these references might not be important, but it is an app well worth having for when you get contacted by the coastguard or when you hear something you don’t quite know from other sailors.

The app covers a lot more than just sailor terms as it also includes anything from jargon you might head in fleet management and even shipping warehouses, making it the perfect companion for beginners or professionals who need to check up on certain definitions. The app is easy to use, offers a large database and provides a detailed explanation of what the term means. Simply download it, scan through the words in the menu, select and instantly see the explanation.


Seabook is one of those apps that covers just about everything to with sailing. Whether you’re going your licenses or you’re a professional sailor working for a large company, the Seabook app has something for you. The app is easy to use and includes a large range of option in the menu where you can navigate to the things you’d like to find out more about. The app includes details about everything from international regulations, safety, how to make knots, marine engineering and so much more. The app even includes the flags from various countries and the currency, which makes it a great choice for those who travel with their sailboat.

Skipper Dictionary

Much the like Shipping Dictionary we mentioned above, Skipper Dictionary also covers important details regarding just about everything you need to know when out at sea. However, instead of aiming to include just about everything to do with sailing and shipping, the Skipper Dictionary focuses more on skippers and smaller boats.It includes information about tropical cyclones, the state of the ocean and important information such as the meaning of ship horns and what they mean. It also offers a detailed description about the ICS flag and what they mean, making it easy to keep up with your sailor training with an app on your phone.