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Carnival Could Resume Cruising in Tampa Bay by November 1st.

The No-Sail Order for Carnival Cruises could come after their 9th month of being called into port. Cruising corporations were sidelined by the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, with international ports refusing to allow ships to disembark. Financial burdens from lack of customer bookings prompting near bankruptcy for Carnival Cruises, forcing the operator to decommission […]

Royal Caribbean Stocks Drop by 13%

Wall Street in New York City saw an unexpected crash of stock valuations for the cruising industry. It’s caused widespread implications that aren’t expected to revert for several days to standard S&P 500 valuations. This follows after three prominent operators in the cruising industry announced investment opportunities for third-party investors. Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, and […]

New Cruise Ships In-Construction

It’s been discussed multiple times with this news source, the premise that COVID-19 has abolished the cruising industry & created a fallout that’s unsustainable for future growth. Against all odds, there are still operators manufacturing new cruise liners for the open ocean. It’s shocking when considering that corporations like Carnival are selling off large quantities […]

CDC Updates No-Sail Order to November

The Centre of Disease Control announced two hours before the No-Sail Order became removed that it’d be extended until 12 am on October 31st. This essentially means that cruise lines can’t become operational until November 1st in the United States of America. It’s a notable disappointment for corporations like Disney Cruises, Royal Caribbean, or Carnival. […]

Barclays Advises Investors to Purchase Cruise Stocks

The Securities & Exchange Commission is known to regularly fine Barclays for financial crimes that include money laundering, and the well-known LIBOR Scandal. Questionable investment advice has been issued by Barclays, which is recommending retail investors purchase stocks with cruise liners like the Royal Caribbean & Carnival Co. On paper, the concept of purchasing cruise […]

P&O Cruises Postpones Sailing Till 2021

Carnival Corporation & Plc have reluctantly announced that one of their subsidiaries won’t be resuming operations until January to February 2021. P&O Cruises have cancelled all booking options for later in the year, with Caribbean waters sustaining their No-Sailing Order. Itineraries with P&O Cruises were being offered for December 2020, with the United Kingdom-established operator […]

Carnival Cruises Opens Six Ships for Bookings

Changes in the cruising industry are happening daily during the COVID-19 pandemic. Corporations like Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival Corporation Ltd have to readjust their plans daily. The most recent change to scheduling comes from Carnival Cruises, with the company updating their website to offer six cruising options for November 2020. Potential passengers have begun […]

Tom Cruise Quarantined on Cruise Ship

The 7th Mission Impossible film is continuing its production, with a unique set being selected for the Spy-Drama-Thriller. Mission Impossible Seven’s crew have begun filming in Norway, picking a cruise ship for housing & social distancing. It’s not surprising that MI7 had resumed production faster than most films, with their filming halted in February 2020 […]

Carnival Cruises Extends Compliance on No Sail Order

December 2nd is the newest date that Carnival Cruises – Australian Division will allow a small selection of ships to resume sailing. It was initially anticipated that Carnival Australia would set sail for late October, with that being forced to change after government personnel imposed an extension onto the “No Sail order”. The Carnival Spirit […]

MSC Cruises Removes Intolerant Family for Breaking Protocol

August 18th marked the date when sailing passengers were barred from cruising, which comes after unnamed individuals were found breaking COVID-19 protocols. MSC Cruises announced that their return to sailing on August 16th in the Mediterranean Sea, marking the first cruising corporation to restart operations worldwide. MSC Cruises was similarly forced into cancelling their vacation […]

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