Atlantic Cup 2020 Welcomed Back

Being the only professional sailing race in the US which is dedicated to Class 40, the news of its return in 2020 for a seventh edition is welcomed all over in the world of sailing.

The Longest Offshore Race in the West Atlantic

Manuka Sports Event Management made it public that the offshore race currently regarded as the longest, based in the Western Atlantic, is coming back and immediately entries were coming in Three other teams have already since then confirmed their listings as well. With Sea Bags Marine being the official sponsor of the event again, it is promising to be a highlight on the 2020 sailing calendar.

The Course

10 June is the set a date for the race to kick off in the South Carolina port city, Charleston. This would be the start of a race of 648 nautical miles long to New York City. Only to depart again from there, after a short stay-over on another track to Portland, Maine. This is a 360 nautical mile race. June 20-21 marks the conclusion of the race in Portland with an inshore series stretching across two days. Because the race covers more than 1 000 nautical miles, it is known as the longest offshore race, outing both Cape Cod and Cape Hatteras, which is also dedicated to offshore, short-hand sailing. It is also the only race in the US in Class40 which is dedicated to short-handed offshore racing.

Focusing on Short-handed, Offshore Racing

When the race was started in 2011, the goal was to present a race with the focus on offshore, short-handed racing. The intent was to provide stiff competition while also being the sailing race in the United States, which is considered to be the most environmentally sustainable. Claiming to be carbon neutral since 2012 already, this race is the only ISO 20121 complaint sports event. Together with significant shore-based events, the success of the Atlantic Cup exceeded expectation.

Hugh Piggin, Atlantic Cup Race Director, is very excited about the event which started as somewhat experimental and based on not much more than a mere concept and now turned into an event marked onto the calendar of the international racing world. The fleet in Class40 has ever been growing, and the popularity of the race is a clear indication of the need for short-handed, offshore racing primarily in the US.

Sea Bags Maine

According to the President and COO of Sea Bags Maine, Beth Shissler, they are excited to be involved and being an official sponsor to this event since the event is so well aligned with their focus within the industry. Delivering sustainability, educating young sailors and providing a world-class sailing event is an exact match with their vision for the company. This will probably be a partnership which the sailing world can expect to be lasting for quite a while still into the future.