America World Cup Series Released

The American World Cup Sailing Association has provided a detailed insight into the upcoming schedule in 2021. National teams with New Zealand, England, and Italy confirmed the lineup of competitions. In this announcement, it was also confirmed that National Teams would race under the AC75 American Yacht Class.

The provided schedule was delayed for multiple reasons. It was initially planned that the series would begin in November 2020. However, scheduling errors amongst national teams forced the championship event to be delayed. Teams like New Zealand and England open their 36th American’s Cup on in January to March of 2021. New teams competing in the 2021 competition include Malta, the Netherlands, and the United States.

The most committed and expected team to win the championship in the United States. Their the only organization that has provided the full entry fee, enabling them to begin training. Entering the competition cost the US National Sailing Team more than $1 million, which was prompted by the late entry into the championship. However, they’re the only organization with large sums of money, which has enabled them to push forward before any other nation. Subsequently, New Zealand and England cannot begin their reign for the 2021 American World Cup Series until the full amount is paid to the AWCS Association.

The Most Notable Dates

Those interested in viewing these races on live television or in-person should know when the dates are for those respective events. We have examined the schedule and found the six most notable runs happening throughout the 2021 American World Cup Series. The first significant event will take place throughout January and February, with the Prada Cup Challenger Selection Series.

Shortly after, in March, the American World Cup series will begin. New Zealand will participate in their first race on September 6th, with the Americans launching on the 10th. Italy will take the helm to come October 2nd and Great Britain on October 4th. The results of each respective race will be tallied, with semi-finals and finals taking place throughout December. These prolonged dates are to guarantee the safety of sailors on hasty waters.