2020 Victoria – Maui International Yacht Race Cancelled

Another cancellation in the sailing community was announced. The 2020 Victoria – Maui International Yacht Race has been terminated for this season. Expected to start on July 13th to 16th, organizers were forced to cancel following the Covid-19 Pandemic. It would’ve been hosted by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, with additional assistance from the Lahaina Yacht Club. Racers would’ve started at Victoria Island in Britain Columbia and sailed down the western coast towards Lahaina in Maui. It’s one of the most extensive yacht races in North America, covering a distance of 2300 Nautical Miles.

The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club provided an official statement regarding this cancellation. They noted that the safety of family, friends, volunteers, competitors and supporters had become the primary goal. The RVYC is encouraging that supporters comply with the advice from Canadian and American health officials, who both have determined 10+ people shouldn’t be located in one area. Mass gathering protocols are implemented across North America, which somewhat forced organizers to cancel the event. There could’ve been chances of the virus spreading amongst competitors docked at various sites, meaning a North American-wide spread could’ve possibly been seen. Medical officials are praising the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club for making this decision.

Sailing During Covid-19

Just because an overwhelming number of sailing events have been postponed doesn’t mean the oceans are closed. Sailors living by the waters or committing to social distancing can still acquire an adventure on the seas. What’s required is having a team of ten or less, with recommendations listed at five. Health officials should test all these additional sailors before leaving their local area, confirming that no signs of the infection are present.

This could be challenging for some sailors, which is why we recommend taking one of your smaller vessels and have a journey by yourself. Just make sure to implement security measures for your safety. This includes informing a friend or family member that you’ll be sailing, make sure the vessel is equipped with a satellite phone and have a food supply for upwards of 48 Hours. Following these instructions and recommendations allows our readers to continue sailing during these unprecedented times. Sailing the oceans might bring some relief.